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It was the summer of 2015.  Despite a successful career, a beautiful family, and commitment to his local church, Pete Norman knew there was more. There were questions constantly stirring within him. He knew God could speak, but why couldn’t he hear Him? What was his purpose in life?  Why was he in DC?  Pete began to chase God with everything he had. 


One Sunday after church, a woman named Sally, whom he had never met before, approached him and asked, “Are you in ministry?”  He responded, “No.”  She said, “Well, I feel like God is telling you it’s time to step up.  I see you with peers where you are teaching and praying with them.”  Pete’s response, “That sounds amazing.  I’m not in ministry, but I will do anything that God asks me to do.” 


And there it was.  He knew God was calling him to step up.  Pete wanted to, but didn’t know anyone in ministry.  He had no idea what to do next.  He just kept doing what he knew to do; he kept on praying and reading his Bible.  Pete became a sponge and surrounded himself with the Word all day at work and at home in the evenings.  The hunger grew and grew. 


Later that summer, Pete’s father called to tell him his childhood pastor, Ron, was trying to contact him. Pete called Ron for their first conversation in nearly 20 years.  Ron invited him to Toledo, Ohio to attend a conference called Kingdom Quake that was going to take place in November.  Ron felt he would personally have to answer to the Lord if he did not invite him to this conference. Upon hearing this, Pete said that he would undoubtedly attend.  It was the divine appointment that Pete was looking for.   


With great expectation, Pete traveled back to his childhood church to attend Kingdom Quake.  It was here that he learned his identity and his purpose in the Kingdom of God.  This conference was an answer to prayer and his many questions, but there was more.  At the end of the meeting, Pete had a powerful experience with the Holy Spirit that changed his life forever. HG Strickland prayed over him, which resulted in a personal encounter with the Lord above anything Pete could have imagined.  He wanted to know how real God was. The power of God flowed through Pete in a way that left no doubt how real and close He is. God revealed how much He loved him and wanted to work through him in DC.   Immediately after that experience HG said, “Your life is going to make a whole lot of sense now.”  HG didn’t know him, but that was exactly what Pete was looking for.  


Pete launched out of that meeting and back to DC with purpose.  No longer was he just a political strategist. He was now also an ambassador for the Kingdom of God using his sphere of influence for His purposes.  Pete began to hear God in his quiet times and during the bustle of his day. More aware of God’s presence than ever, Pete started talking to Him and seeking His guidance in everything.  Pete’s eyes were opening to the Kingdom.

Since leaving that Kingdom Quake in November, Pete stayed in touch with HG.  Pete’s life changed, and he wanted to learn more about the Kingdom of God.  Equally as important, he wanted DC to experience the Kingdom as well.  HG and Pete agreed.  HG was going to travel to DC and teach Hill and Administration staffers, lobbyists and others about the Kingdom. 


One early December morning, as Pete was leaving for work, he heard the Lord clearly tell him, “The work begins today.”  Pete looked at his calendar and saw he had a lunch with an old friend, Mitch.  Praying throughout the day, Pete knew this was going to be a purposeful lunch.  Seconds after ordering lunch, Pete began to talk to Mitch about the Kingdom and their purpose in it.  Mitch was all in.   The two left that lunch with a boldness to fan across DC and gather a group of lobbyists, Capitol Hill and Administration staffers, and anybody else the Holy Spirit asked them to speak to.  The mission was simple: bring together people that would like to learn about the Kingdom and walk in their purpose and identity to change this government, this city, and this country “on earth as it is in heaven.”  The title of HG’s message at Kingdom Quake was “Work Is Worship.”  The message became the name of the group. 


Work Is Worship met for the first time in a conference room on January 12, 2016; although no one present realized this was truly the beginning of something more. Pete welcomed the group and told them how his life had been so affected by the message they were about to hear and the teaching he had received. He introduced HG and waited to see what God would do. HG began to challenge the group with the Gospel of the Kingdom and the revelation of Work Is Worship. It became evident that the Holy Spirit was at work in their hearts.


One man in particular found his heart overwhelmed and mind challenged by the teaching he was hearing. While HG was teaching, this man raised up his hand to interject and said, “You are talking about surrender to a King…I am a type A personality, a control freak…and messed up.” His eyes were filling with tears and he seemed desperate for an answer. After a moment of silence HG stated, “I didn’t come here to preach or have an altar call, but I can’t pass this moment…Is it okay with everyone if I pray?” There was a brief discussion and the group decided prayer would be acceptable. HG began to pray for the gentleman. In his prayer he talked of the Father’s desire that we would repent and what it really meant to turn from the life and path where we were in control, living for ourselves, to one of surrender to the King and His purpose for us. As the prayer came to an end and the room was silent, the man began to speak. He wasn’t talking to HG, Pete or anyone seated at the table. He was talking to God and surrendering his life to the King…He was repenting unashamedly in front of everyone in the room. God was truly at work.


A discussion then took place about what had been spoken and what those present felt should happen. Someone spoke up and said that there should be a meeting every month where this could be taught. Another person spoke up and said this had to be something seriously committed to and should happen every other week. HG hadn’t planned on adjusting his life or schedule to be in Washington, D.C., but he could clearly hear the Holy Spirit rearranging his future once again. Pete and HG became powerful ministry partners and since then the two have been teaching in boardrooms across Washington, D.C. every two weeks.


From the first meeting it was as if the bible came alive…the stories are endless. Lives are being transformed, careers changed, families impacted, people are finding their purpose and discovering how real God is. As the ministry continued to increase, it became apparent God doing was something more. Kingdom Life Ministries began holding services as a new church plant on October 14, 2018.


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