Kingdom Life Ministries (KLM) is more than a church. We are non-traditional in that the focus of our ministry is not limited to the worship service. Our Sunday service is an important part of what we do, but it is only a part. Like an iceberg, the real substance of KLM is below the surface, or outside the service...


This is in large part because starting a church was never in our plans. It was the result of the Kingdom message affecting the life of a lobbyist from Washington D.C. when he attended a Kingdom Quake conference in Toledo, Ohio. That one seed of the Kingdom has resulted in 4 1/2 years of amazing ministry and training in corporate board rooms across our nation's capital. The group is called Work Is Worship and it is made up of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Members are Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Church of Christ, Quaker, Four Square, Presbyterian, Pentecostal and non-denominational. The Kingdom of God rises above political persuasion and religious denomination! The ministry has had tremendous impact and continues to experience growth. In October 2017 it became apparent that God had more planned. This beginning in the marketplace is more than our start, it is a foundation that supports everything else we do.

The Work Is Worship groups that we are building will be a network across Washington, D.C. and will continue to be an effective means of spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom, helping people discover their purpose, and teaching them how to use their God given skills, abilities and spiritual gifts with excellence in every area of life in service to the King. This network of powerful and diverse groups will be the mass under the surface that connects and supports the church as a whole when we gather as one in our Sunday Service.

We hold events to spread the message of the Kingdom and our teaching on Work Is Worship within the city and across the region. These events are strategic and occur in the marketplace and on Capitol Hill. Even our Sunday evening meeting time is very purposeful. Many will consider KLM their home church and many others will consider Kingdom Life Ministries home no matter what denomination they are a part of or style of worship they prefer on Sunday mornings. Their partnership in advancing the Kingdom of God is welcome too.

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