Work Is Worship

Advancing the Kingdom of God in the Marketplace

Work Is Worship is a powerful and practical group that is formed for, focused on, and effective at helping the Body of Christ discover their identity, purpose and gifts; specifically equipping them to advance the Kingdom of God in and through the marketplace. People are fulfilling the destiny they didn't even know they had!!


As God began to bring the revelation of His Kingdom to us, it became clear that change was inevitable and transformation was essential. The Gospel of the Kingdom was introduced with a revolutionary call to change because "the Kingdom of God is at hand". When John began to utter those prophetic words he recognized that he was not the originator of the message, but merely the "voice of one crying in the wilderness". He carried a message that required action and produced transformation. This same message is being carried by those who have become "a voice" for the King in this pivotal hour.

The message of the Kingdom is not a "new message", but an ancient one. There are, however, many "new voices" being raised up in this season. With this message there is a renewed focus on the purpose of the church and a call to make a difference outside the walls. It seems everywhere you turn, you hear about Marketplace Ministries or Marketplace Ministers and the admonition that we have to get the church "into the marketplace" or into the "spheres" or "mountains" of influence. However, the "church" is already there. The vast majority of people in the Body of Christ spend most of their time in the marketplace. Think about this:


  • The place we spend most of our time - work.

  • The place we have most of our relationships - work.

  • The place we use the very best of our skills - work.

  • The place we are least effective for the Kingdom of God - work.

The problem is not getting the church into the marketplace. The problem is being the church in the marketplace. For most Christians there is a huge disconnect between work and faith. The most that the majority of Christians bring of their faith to work with them is good behavior - sometimes. Spiritual gifts, the anointing, etc... are left at church. However, WE ARE NOT ANOINTED FOR A WORSHIP SERVICE. We are anointed for LIFE!!! A life in the Kingdom that is "not in word but in power". A border-less life that has purpose and influence for the Kingdom of God no matter what environment we are in.

Work Is Worship Groups

The first Work Is Worship Group wasn't least not by man. It was the result of the Kingdom message affecting the life of a lobbyist from Washington D.C. when he attended a Kingdom Quake conference in Toledo, Ohio. That one seed of the Kingdom has resulted in 4 years of amazing ministry and training in our nation's capital. The group is made up of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Members are Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Church of Christ, Quaker, Four Square, Presbyterian, Pentecostal and non-denominational. The Kingdom of God rises above political persuasion and religious denomination!


This first group has inspired others. We are forming groups in businesses and even a public school system. The testimonies of what God has done through these groups are nothing short of impossible. We will soon be launching our first Work Is Worship Group in a public university! 

How do I get involved?

We’d love to have you join us. Most people hear about us through a friend. If you are in the D.C. area and interested in learning more about Work Is Worship you can contact us directly below:

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